Journal of Advanced Sciences and Mathematics Education

Journal of Advanced Sciences and Mathematics Education [e-ISSN: 2798-1606] is a journal published by the Foundation of Advanced Education. Journal of Advanced Science and Mathematics Education is a communication medium used by researchers, lecturers, teachers, practitioners, and students to convey the results of studies and research results that are prioritized in the fields of science and mathematics education, including the development of science and mathematics evaluation instruments, development of learning media Science and mathematics, development of science and mathematics learning models, and ethnoscience and ethnomathematics in learning.

Journal of Advanced Sciences and Mathematics Education was first published in 2021 and periodically published 2 (two) times a year, namely in June and December. Manuscripts published are original manuscripts, that have not been published in other publications. 



Journal title:Journal of Advanced Sciences and Mathematics Education
Frequency:2 issues per year (June and December)
DOI:Prefix by Crossref
Online ISSN:2798-1606
Print ISSN:2798-9852
Editor-in-chief:Fredi Ganda Putra
Publisher:Foundation of Advanced Education (FoundAE) in collaboration with Perkumpulan Pendidik IPA Indonesia (PPII) 
Submissions:This journal welcomes submissions all year round. Submissions are reviewed upon receipt. The template manuscript can be downloaded Here. Manuscript Published is written in standard English since Volume 1 Number 1, 2021.

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Vol 3, No 2 (2023): Journal of Advanced Sciences and Mathematics Education

All articles in this issue (5 articles) were authored/co-authored by 16 authors from 5 countries ( Indonesia,  Brazil,  Taiwan, Bangladesh, and  Thailand).

Table of Contents


Augmented reality in the teaching of geometric solids for elementary school: Experience report in a public school
Paulo Vitor da Silva Santiago, Umy Zahroh, Rani Darmayanti | Country :
DOI : 10.58524/jasme.v3i2.285 | Abstract views : 497 times
Enhancing problem-solving and collaborative skills through RICOSRE learning model: A socioscientific approach in physics education
Rahma Diani, Bambang Sri Anggoro, Eny Retno Suryani | Country :
DOI : 10.58524/jasme.v3i2.252 | Abstract views : 470 times
Empowering young minds: An e-book intervention to boost earthquake disaster literacy
Ananda Pratiwi, Heny Aryani, Nia Wati, Luthfiyaul Laila, Antomi Saregar, Husni Mubarok, Utama Alan Deta | Country :
DOI : 10.58524/jasme.v3i2.320 | Abstract views : 373 times
Development of grade 10 students’ modelling skills on circulatory system through model-based learning
Kullasatree Manee, Prasart Nuangchalerm | Country :
DOI : 10.58524/jasme.v3i2.321 | Abstract views : 400 times