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International Journal of Hydrological and Environmental for Sustainability (IJHES) [e-ISSN: 2828-5050 & p-ISSN:2828-6405] is an internationally recognised peer-reviewed journal for the dissemination of innovations and solutions focused on enhancing water and Environment management best practice. The journal provides a conduit between academics and practitioners. We therefore particularly encourage contributions focussed at the interface between academia and industry, which deliver industrially impactful applied research underpinned by scientific evidence. We are keen to attract papers on a broad range of subjects including water and wastewater treatment, water and air polluted, water and environmental engineering, Environmentally Friendly Architectural Engineering (Green Building) and much more. Since 2022, IJHES issues 3 times a year (February, June, and October). Please click here for more information

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  • The journals focus and scope means you will reach both the research and practitioner communities, International Journal of Hydrological and Environmental for Sustainability (IJHES) showcases innovative and integrated approaches to all aspects of environmental management, with a global perspective
  • The journal welcomes papers on a broad range of topics including all aspects of water processing and engineering, the water cycle, air pollution, waste management, and environmental conservation
  • Your paper will reach professionals working in academia, consultancies, Governments, regulators, NGOs and the environment sector

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Vol 3, No 1 (2024): International Journal of Hydrological and Environmental for Sustainability

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Geoelectric Interpretation of Wenner-Schlumberger Configuration Using Res2Dinv Software: A Case Study of 2D Mapping of Seawater Intrusion in a Landslide Potential Area, North Halmahera District, Indonesia
Andrisal Tambanaung, Bayu Achil Sadjab, Kurnia Kurnia, Harsen Berg Janis, Masitah Yusniar, Oktosea Buka, Steven Iwamoni, Adrian Rahmat Nur | Country :
DOI : 10.58524/ijhes.v3i1.378 | Abstract views : 35 times
Identification of Groundwater Aquifers Using Geoelectric Methods with Schlumberger Configuration in Peatland Areas, West Kalimantan, Indonesia
Rasmi Rasmi, Yuris Sutanto, Radhitya Perdhana, Muliadi Muliadi, Muhardi Muhardi, Mahmuddin Marbun, Amir Machmud, Elok Surya Pratiwi | Country :
DOI : 10.58524/ijhes.v3i1.388 | Abstract views : 0 times