Approximation of BPS Skyrme model using modified Lagrangian Skyrmion

Aditya Tri Oktaviana , Abdul Rahman Alfarasyi , Truong Gia Huy , Khazali Fahmi


One of the nuclear atomic models represented by Skyrmion was the Skyrme model. This model was a modified nonlinear sigma model with a Skyrme field where the classical solution use generalized sixth order terms and potential terms. The binding energy that will be studied in the Skyrme SU(2) model is to generalize the second order nonlinear sigma model terms with sixth order derivative terms. The Lagrangian will be obtained for these two terms to find the BPS (Bogomolny Prasad Sommerfield) solution for the profile function numerically. The result of numerical calculation will be used to calculate static energy and rotational energy, where the characteristic of the nucleus can be observed from these two energies. Furthermore, the value of the coupling constant in the Lagrangian Skyrmion will be calculated from the static energy and rotational energy obtained previously. These values are expected to help in the application of Skyrme model for many research physics field.


BPS solution; Coupling constant; Rotational energy; Static energy; Skyrmion

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